Unity Gateway Church
Meeting Sundays 10:30 am at the LaQuinta Inn in Coral Springs
Located on University Drive just north of Sample Road
Phone:  954-938-5222

Lana Charlton, Minister      Don Fedele, Music Director
Hello friends,

At times each of us can feel separate, like one of thousands of drops in a huge ocean.  I felt this way when I began to search for a church.  For many years I had deep spiritual beliefs but I could not seem to find a church that 'fit' for me. 

Having been raised in a fundamentalist church as a child, I questioned the idea that there was only "one way" to know God. There were too many questions that went unanswered in my mind regarding other religions and Christianity.  Even within Christianity there seemed to be "only one way" churches, their way.

I graduated from Unity School of Christianity in 1989.  My ministries include: Unity Church of Lawrence, Kansas, Unity Church of Pompano Beach, Florida, Unity Church in the Rockies, Colorado Springs, and currently, Unity Gateway Church, Coral Springs, Florida. 

For many years I had dreamed of pioneering a church.  Now I am getting to live and create my dream, Unity Gateway Church, Coral Springs.  It began June 9, 2002, which is exactly thirteen years to the date of my graduation from seminary. I hope to see you at our church one day. 

If you never come to our church I suggest you go to a Unity Church.  I often suggest that people go to a number of different churches until it feels right for them.  My prayer is that you are living your dream.  Listen deeply from within, take life one-step at a time, there is a season for all things, and remember the Presence of God is always with you.  Never, never give up!

Lana Charlton
P.S. Create a covenant with God through a written prayer.  Here is a copy of my covenant when the church began: Unity Gateway Church,June 9, 2002

Thank you God, in advance for the glorious new beginnings of Unity Gateway Church.  Unity Gateway Church is a brilliant success, reaching far beyond my wildest dreams and visions as I co-create every step of this journey with you.
Unity Gateway Church will continue to touch people's lives for many years, long after I have gone.  It will make a profound difference to every person who enters into the consciousness created therein such as love, compassion, and joy. 
Keep me clear, and always open to only Your voice. Help me in all ways to surrender to your Presence, your Power, and your Love. May I grow and prosper in this endeavor. May I use my gifts for only good and always, wisely.
Thank you God for this opportunity. 

A friend told me about Unity.  The first time I walked in the door I felt like I had come home.  I knew that this was what I was looking for.  I got very involved in the church, Unity Church of Austin, ushering, Women of Unity, Youth of Unity teacher, and finally the board of directors. For many years before this I had urgings in my heart that I was to be a minister.  I'm not sure those exact words would have described the urging or call, but somehow I knew.  I resisted for many years because I did not feel adequate for the job.  Finally, I understood I was called as a "wounded healer" into ministry.
Opening minds, opening hearts, awakening to the kingdom of God
through the gateway of consciously living each moment